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Related post: Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 18:26:36 -0700 (PDT) From: D One Subject: Reunion with MarcusTommy pre-teen bbs newsgroups now called himself Thomas. After all high school was five years ago. College too had come and gone too, at least the undergraduate years plus a year. He still had to finish work for his Masters Degree but basically he felt grown up, adult and for the free real pre-teen naked first tme since being a teenager felt like he had a handle on his life.There was love of course. He hadn't pre-teen model 12-16 fallen in love with anyone. Crushes and sex was a different japanese non-nude pre-teen models thing.His freshmen year in college ended with a drunken night of both. His roommate and he released all the repressed attraction they apparently had had all year long. And in the morning they laughed at themselves for wasting the year. But Conroy was moving to Europe to continue his education in Italy. And Tommy or Thomas had to return to the campus to find other friends and a new roommate.But the black 18 pre-teen pussy most important thing was both had finally experienced what they both had fantasized pre-teen asian models about. That last month on campus was non-nude pre-teens filled with sex and more partying. In fact their activities were well known and they met others like them. Guys they didn't know were gay. Athletes, computer geeks, fraternity busty pre-teen pics brothers and even guys who lived in the nearby town.But that nude russian pre-teens girls was years ago and despite an occasional letter from Conroy, Thomas had sought his physical interaction with others.Each summer Tommy did return home to work in his father's computer store. Unlike many of his friends he liked the summer job. Not only because it was little underage pre-teens pussy computers and his family but many of his old friends would come in to see him or even to do business.One was Marcus. Marcus had been Tommy's protector when he was a kid in elementary pre-teen girl rape school. Tommy was a thin short boy and Marcus alot larger though the same age. Their friendship continued into high school when both were about the same size and bullies weren't an issue. The compared their bodies changing from boys into horny males with pubic hair and boners. Marcus went to Tommy's wrestyling meets and Tommy went to all of Marcus waterpolo matches. They shared their pre-teen none nude pictures first pre-teen xxx pics taste nude young pre-teen of alcohol. And they double dated in those years too.Marcus went to the Naval Academy while Tommy went to the University. That first summer Marcus appeared in the store in his uniform little pre-teen nude and Tommy realized the attraction he had had was something more then just friendship. Marcus couldn't stay long but they talked of life, high school memories and war.Laying on the side of the river in the next town they talked, really talked."I have something to tell you" Marcus began "uh but you can't tell anyone. I mean if they find out, pre-teens nude galleries I'll be out of the Academy so quick it wouldn't be funny""Me first, I gotta tell you something too" Tommy said "me and Conroy, you know my roommate we uh ""Hey if you're going to tell me you're gay, don't bother I know" Marcus said.Tommy was stunned. "How er I mean how did you know?""Well the fact you got a raging hard on right now is one clue" Marcus said looking at Tommy's wet pre-teen amatuer model speedos which were tented."Hell you've had a boner since I got here" he added."Shit" pre-teen nude videos Tommy said Hot pre-teens in thongs "I guess, I mean""Man I thought russian pre-teens fucking so in school. But we're all horny in high school so I figured but you lola nude pre-teens know didn't want naturist pre-teen pic to say anything" Marcus continued. He turned on his side and propped his head pre-teens very young models on his elbow."Yea me too. I mean sexy korean pre-teens I didn't know until Conroy and me well you know" Tommy said afraid to pre-teen model latina look japanese pre-teen vids at Marcus. He figured his friend of the past years wouldn't understand and infact would leave."Hey I gotta pre-teen thumbs gallery go" Marcus pre-teens photos model said. Tommy felt his stomach clench, His fears were true."Just got to take a leak man, i'll be right back" Marcus said.Tommy watched him walk towards the portajohns. His back was muscular as ever, his wet legs were thick and top gallery pre-teens dark. His butt filled out the speedos he wore as they did in high school.Tommy had seen him in his underwear even naked now and then over the years. But each time he went to Marcus waterpolo matches there was something exciting about seeing him glowing wet in his speedos when he got out of the pool with his teammates. Tommy had masturbated several times with that image russian pre-teen models non-nude in his head. Now he knew he'd do the same when he got young pre-teen modles home."OK my turn" Marcus said when he returned."Hey let's go to the house and barbque, drink beer and watch satellite, the young pre-teen hardcore sex folks are gone" Tommy interupted.They showered, walked around hot pre-teen underground links in their towels."Christ does your boner ever go away?" pre-teen nudist naturist pic Marcus said making a reach for the obvious growth under Tommy's towel. He jumped. "Hey relax, it's only me" Marcus said.It was nice for both of them as they shared their hunger, anecdotes and hamburgers."So today you were goign to tell me asian pre-teen nude something" Tommy said."Well I pre-teen vagina gotta go back tomorrow" Marcus said"I knew virgin pre-teens photos that man" Tommy said."No I mean I have to pre-teen girl models tell you something before I do. Not sure when I'll have the chance again" Marcus said as pre-teensex he put his hand pre-teen cosplay gothic on Tommy's bare thigh and squeezed it."OK, go for it, I'm sure it's not russian porn pre-teens as exciting as my news" Tommy said."Well let's see" Marcus moved to the floor between Tommy's spread legs. He reached and found the zipper on Tommy's shorts and lowered it."What the fuck are you doin, I mean you don't have to just because I said" creampie pre-teen Tommy stammered."Shut the fuck up" Marcus said and then pulled Tommy's half hard penis out from within his shorts. His tongue and lips then moved all over it until the cock became rock hard."Oh shit" Tommy said as he felt his best friends lips grib his cock and begin to sexy pre-teen models give him pre-teens virgin a blowjob that until then he had only fantasized about."Lift up" Marcus said in a husky voice. Tommy was in a trance but lifted his hips as Marcus pulled the shorts off his hips and down his legs. He returned to licking and sucking and making Tommy moan.So many thoughts went through Tommy's mind. Was Marcus just pre-teen non nude photos doing this because of Tommy's revelation? Would he push Tommy away if he reciprocated. How very much he wanted to reciprocate.Did that night in high school during nude pre-teen school girls a pre-teen japanese girls picture sleepover when both masturbated in the dark hearing each other's moaning start pre-teen girls sucking things?Marcus was in the Navy would pre-teen free sex pics he be kicked out for what he was doing?"Come on, let's go upstairs" Marcus pre-teen blowjobs stood pulling his shirt off then his own shorts. His penis was hard and curved. Tommy had seen it before and wondered what it would feel like nude teen pre-teen art if he reached out to touch it.Now he did. It was hard in his hand and made him more excited then the feeling of Marcus lips."I thoguht african pre-teen porn photos you were" Tommy said watching Marcus butt now naked move ahead of him to the stairs.How many times the two of them had hung out in his bedroom. Marcus had slept over many weekends there. They had wrestled in thier underwear laughing at the boners that pre-teen ebony porn were obvious in their jockey shorts.Now they were there again, naked and erect."Hey maybe we " Tommy began but Marcus hand on his lips told him to stop talking. And then his lips replaced his hand.Time disappeared. Sounds from the outside were korean pre-teens modeling dorwned out by the heaving breathing, the grunts and the sighs pent up by years of fantasies, fears and frustration .The orgasms weren't as important pre-teen nude tgp as their unleashed desires for each other. The kisses on the neck, the fingers tracing the muscles long admired and the illegal pre-teen sex pictures parts of their bodies kept previously private.They shared nude pre-teens whatever physical desires pre-teen pictures nude they had with the emotional needs they needed to express.There was no limits and no spoken concerns. Each tasted the other, thaking turns top list pre-teen porn to make the other's bodies respond. They fit each other entering with animalistic needs and measure each other's physical responses to things that neither presumed the other knew about."Sun's coming up" Marcus said as he kissed Tommy's nipple. "Fuck" Tommy sighed knowing that meant time had resumed."We should have done this a long time ago" Marcus said."Naw" Tommy said "This was the right time. If we did it in school, we'd be just two horny teenagers""What are we now?" Marcus said wondering himself."Not sure but I know we're both gay, was that what you were going to tell me?" Tommy said."Naw I was going to say underground pre-teen sex it's ok you are." Marcus said. pre-teen models nonude There was silence. And before Tommy could deal with his fears best free pre-teen porno that asian pre-teen Marcus wasn't gay so much as just exprssing his special attraction to him as a friend or more then just a friend, Marcus added."I'm not sure it's ok if I am. I mean I really want this Navy thing, I do" Marcus said."You pre-teen slut do look good in that uniform" Tommy said as he bent over to kiss Marcus belly, his pubic hair then his thick soft cock.Marcus let him. He remembered the time Tommy had examined his free pre-teen porn newly pictures of nude pre-teen grown pubic hair. He had returned from summer camp and was anxious to pre-teens rape pics show Tommy what had appeared over the summer.The boy touched the growth and pulled on it, He even touched Marcus hair covered nutsac. He knew it felt good to have him touch him there."And I have to go back to campus too" Tommy said."To Conroy?" Marcus said.Tommy was surprised at the way pre-teen photos nude Marcus said it. Was he jealous? That was a new feeling and he wasn't sure if he liked it or not."Naw we were just uh fooling around. He's off to Europe""And what were we doing?" Marcus said."Uh not sure" Tommy knew free pre-teen cum shots what he wanted to say but if he scared pre-teen boys sucking cocks Marcus pre-teen hardcore it might end their friendship. And if nothing else happened, he wanted that more then anything."I think we made pre-teen nude photo love" pre-teen russian nudes Marcus said pre-teens virgins new and then kissed Tommy pushing his tongue deep inside and accepting Tommy's.Slowly time and pre-teens galleries lol-itas pedos outside noises inserted themselves into the magic sensations of their bodies pressed together."The folks are back" Tommy said."Shit my clothes are downstairs" Marcus said."I'll get em" Tommy pulled on a robe to go to the living room. He didn't ahve to walk far sinc eboth his and Marcus discarded clothing was folded neatly and placed outside his nude pre-teen unlocked bedroom door.Tommy knew that sooner or later he'd talk to his parents about his discovery. But it wasn't time yet and hopefully it wouldn't be."I pre-teen group sex knew Marcus was here" Tommy's mother said as they appeared in the kitchen "sit non-nude pre-teen model forum down I made omelettes"And as they had done dozens of tmes before over the years Marcus and Tommy ate breakfast, laughing and talking to Tommy's mother and when he appeared his father.They talked about how touch the Naval Academy was, about what Marcus plans to go to pilot school were and what he planned to do in life.Then it was time interupting again as Marcus and Tommy walked to the car. Looking around as if hoping they weren't in an observing world, both boys wanted to kiss long and deep pre-teen rape stories and hope their newly revealed passion would squelch the tears that most certainly would appear.They had done this before when Marcus left right after high school. Hugged and patted each other on the butts, nked pre-teens photos an asian pre-teen jerk action reserved only for the closest of friends in the hetrosexual world.They hugged again, whispered things like "take care of yourself" in each other's ears and once again pre-teen boys cocks patted each other on the butt, this time out of memory for the feelings and sensations they had shared the night before."Hey Tommy" Marcus waved his finger calling Tommy close to the taboo pre-teen illegal stories car in which he now sat. "Come here"Tommy moved close and Marcus grabbed the back of his head pre-teen nude pics gallery pulling his lips to his. They naked pre-teen sex kissed hoping Tommy's parents weren't watching let alone some secret spy for the Navy Academy."Might be awhile, but we'll get together again"That was years ago and Tommy had become Thomas. His tassle had been turned again and a year acting as a Professors Assistant made him feel grown up. The freshmen seemed so young to him.The men he had spent impassioned times with had helped him sex stories pre-teen grow more emotionally and sensually as well.He began to pack. His weeks at home was petite pre-teen galleries nice but he had a plane to catch to the UK. A year studying pre-teen girls naked pictures there would conclude his Masters work. And Conroy would show him around the country.Thomas timed his departure based on the news from Marcus or Lt. Marcus as he was now addressed. A year in pilot school would take him to the four years of Navy service ahead.The knock came and Tommy tripped getting to the front door.A tall, uniformed man stood there. In his pictures of pre-teens nude hand was a letter of some sort. Thomas stopped and stared at the stranger."Thomas Miller?" the man asked."Oh pre-teen gils porn fuck" Thomas muttered believing Marcus had been in some horrible accident."I'm Lt. Tucker, a friend of Marcus? He asked me to let you know he'll be coming in tonight instead. I was on my way to see my pre-teen x folks in Towson and promised I'd stop by"Thomas entire body relaxed making him realize how tense he had been pre-teen cumshots for a few minutes perhaps how much in love he was pre-teens free photos as well."We're going to Aunt Ednas, make sure Marcus knows we naked pre-teens girl pictures said hi" His mother said as his parents left the house "and honey, close the blinds before you two uh " she said kissing Tommy on the cheek."She knew" he said pre-teen erotica bikinis to himself out loud as Thomas heated some leftovers.This time there was no knock. A tall pre-teen nude pictures bbs uniformed man just appeared pre-teen photo art like a spirit pre-teen 3d nude out of the surreal world of desire.Tommy sat there staring. He wasn't sure what to pre-teen nn ukraine do."Wow you do look great in nude pre-teen gymnasts an uniform" he said.
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